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"Prohema" was founded in 1998 as a company producing paints and varnishes, with the help of technology from"Duga", starting from the demands of modern society for a nicer and neater living and working environment, and examining the desires of the market and consumers, and in the same year Prohema launched the first product of water soluble paint for interior "DISPERZIN". This was followed by the production of our range of products based  on "Duga" technology, which together with our dealers - the partners are distributed in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond ..

In 2005, at the 33rd international selection for quality in Madrid, Spain, PROHEMA doo was handed a cup and recognition for quality. 

In 2007, the owner of PROHEMA, Mr. Dusan Dragic was elected for the best manager in BiH Medium Businesses and handed him the award for the overall development of the company so far, leading position in the production of paints and varnishes and their placement on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to the quality standards ISO 9001: 2000, for the protection of the environment and workers' health, as well as investments in the construction of a modern production center and warehouse space. Since 2010 CHIARA doo Brcko almost entirely takes over the production program of the company Prohema doo with which in previous years had a very successful business and technical cooperation. CHIARA doo adopted and kept brand Prohema which means trained in the manufacturing of product placement on the territory of BiH and the region. Company Chiara is located in the industrial zone in the Brcko area.


Today, Chiara has successfully positioned in the production of paints and varnishes and their placement on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina market and beyond. Along with the provision of skilled personnel is an essential element and modern equipment that enables the creation of content range of products for application in the protection of concrete surfaces, wood, metal, in a word, everything that enables the exterior of interior spaces and get a new, more comprehensive and more beautiful dimension. Segment sales, one of the most important elements of business monitoring and marketing activities, presentation and promotion materials, which at any moment can not meet the requirements of the customer. This approach to business organization, based on accepted norms of international quality standards and is reflected in their introduction into the system of our company.


Foundation of quality products is in human resources and modern technology production based on the model of world producers. Quality guaranteed with analysis and control as well as all necessary approvals of the relevant institutions.


We are a company that has a staff specialized in the research, development and innovation in the production of paints and varnishes and in order to fully meet all customer expectations. The vision of our company is to be no larger than the other but in front of the other in every way to get out of clichés. Our mission is understood that in all areas in which we achieve stable growth and development through diversification and penetration and of course always in accordance with the highest international standards.


Our business philosophy is based on the customer and its demands for top quality products and services. Therefore, the product sells itself just a small part of a series of activities that we call our customer care.
Sales of products follows the complete info and logistic support, and this includes:
- transport of goods to the customer
- product presentation
- technical service
- promotion materials
- info-phone service


All our employees have the same values - professionalism at all levels. Practice has shown that employees are a limiting factor in the success of the undertaking, and only skilled, motivated and adequately stimulated personnel can give maximum satisfaction resulting in the multilateral system: EMPLOYER - EMPLOYEE - BUSINESS PARTNER. Company policy is to be competitive at all levels - the price and quality, which is in line with European quality standards. Our company has ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001: 2004, which indicates that our products are of superior quality. One of the most important qualities of the company is innovation and constant monitoring of world trends in the development and marketing of new products.